Experience the new way of refuelling now

Fast, easy and secure
No queuing and paying at the checkout, so no mask is necessary
Your car with children, pets or valuables no longer remains unattended while paying
All receipts digitally on your cell phone and by email
Free app for iPhone and Android
No additional fees or obligations

Install now for free:

Install now for freeInstall now for free
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See how simple it is


Pay directly at the pump with your mobile phone and save your way to the checkout.


Pay easily and digitally - without any cash, girocard, EC or credit card.


Your payment data will be forwarded by us to our certified billing partner with encryption according to banking standards and only stored there securely.
Many other payment methods available:* available soon

Try it now in three easy steps

Load the PACE Drive app

Download the app for free from the App Store and register for PACE ID

Install now for freeInstall now for free

Create payment methods

Create a payment method or use the app with Apple or Google Pay

Refuel and pay with PACE

Refuel as usual and pay mobile. After completing the payment, you can continue straight away.

Connected Fueling is already available at over
gas stations

... and the network is constantly expanding!